Seven Easy Ways To Go Green

You can take your bike everywhere and to eat a vegan diet produced from garden grown foods. However, you’d take it with a pinch of salt and the world would be no way better because of it. So, here’s how you can take one step at a time and help the world when doing so. Continue reading →

How To Cut Back On Your Energy Bills

In an ideal world everyone would chip in to help the planet simply to help the planet. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and thus a lot of people aren’t going to go green unless there’s something in it for them. Well, there is something in it for you. You can save a lot of money on your bills as long as you’re willing to follow a few easy steps. Continue reading →

Roofing Gone Green…solar Shingles

Solar shingles are originally a development from the Dow Company (originally Dow Chemical Company) in 2005 although since then other companies have come out with versions of the same idea. But any way you consider solar shingles, they’re a great idea and one which has truly redefined the concept of ‘the roof’. “Solar shingles” is the name most commonly used for these devices but they are also referred to as ‘thin film cells’ or ‘building integrated photovoltaics’ (BIPV’s). They are not to be confused with “solar panels”. Solar panels are an earlier development even though they also can be and still are used ‘on the roof’. In fact, in some instances solar panels might be preferable to solar shingles. It depends on several factors one of which is the angle of the roof to the sun. Solar panels can be angled whereas solar shingles obviously cannot. Continue reading →

Four Predictions For The UK Gas And Electricity Industry 2013

Many people will be glad to have seen the back of 2012, especially in regards to their gas and electricity bills. Five out of the six ‘Big Six’ energy firms bumped up their bills last year, leaving many of us having to pull our purse strings even tighter in order to get by. E.On crashed the party a little later, bumping up their prices mid January. So with price increases greeting us at the tail end of last year, this blog looks at four predictions for the gas and electricity industry in 2013. Continue reading →