Which Type Of Heat Should You Use, Gas Or Electric?

Heating is a basic necessity in any home, but not everyone agrees about which type of heat – gas or electric – is best. Although many experts assert that gas is usually cheaper to run (which is true), this isn’t the whole story. Homeowners have to consider many different factors before they make a final call. Continue reading →

The Green Deal Scheme — Making It Greener On Your Side Of The Fence Too

All of us want to contribute to a better tomorrow and it has become obvious that a better tomorrow is linked with a greener tomorrow. Up until now most of us have had to be content with recycling, not buying Styrofoam and providing our own grocery bags but get ready to take a big green step with the green deal. This is a government initiative that can bring about the energy-savings that we’ve all wished for without huge up-front costs regardless if we are a property-owner or renter. Continue reading →

Why You Should Get In-floor Heating

When it comes to keeping your home warm and toasty in the colder months, you have many options. Space heaters are very inexpensive and can help you out if you only need warmth in a few small rooms. Central heating will blow warm air throughout your home, but requires maintenance, such as the changing of air filters and other repairs. In-floor heating has become a popular option, particularly in bathrooms and other tiled spaces where you will often be barefoot and needs some heat. Fairly easy to install, electric in-floor heating can endure for a long time and is a reliable way to start heating a room. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider in-floor electric heating in your home. Continue reading →