India Increases Solar Power Goals

India’s ministry of New and Renewable Energy has reported new goals regarding their solar program, known as National Solar Mission. The new modified program sets to increase solar power capacity to one hundred gigawatts by 2022. In the earlier version of the plan, the goal was set to twenty two gigawatts by 2022. The success of solar power’s rapid growth in the developed countries in Europe and the US has proven to be rather beneficial for developing countries such as India. The growth of the photovoltaic industry has made solar more accessible than ever. The modern tools are fast enough to deliver important production measurements, such as the thin-film deposition rate, and scientists have also made huge progress in innovative ideas on how to reduce the production cost and use simpler less expensive materials instead of traditional silicon. All these factors make India’s target to increase their solar potential in the future more feasible. Continue reading →

Tesla Battery Still Too Expensive For Average Home Owner

The internet has exploded with news about a new home battery system that can store solar energy – the Tesla battery. It is something that an average homeowner dreams about, a compact battery that can save energy, make the time and effort from installing bulky solar panels pay off, and will allow to use solar power no matter the weather outside, sunshine or rain. Sunny states like California offer incentives for homeowners to go green, however, it’s still not enough as the Tesla battery is rather expensive (starting at three thousand dollars). The battery can potentially save homeowners two dollars a day. This means that the solar power system will pay its owner back in about three years. Even if the cost of the battery will eventually fall as some predict, very few traditional energy customers will be able to afford it. Continue reading →

Big Push On Solar In 2015

Who benefits from green solar or wind energy the most? Apart from the obvious that all of us depend on the future of green energy, to answer this question, it’s best to look at the whole picture. Traditional fuels such as gas and oil have made a number of counties a lot of money. Fossil fuels prove to be the most powerful, reliable, and least expensive, especially now when the cost of fuel has gone down exponentially. Continue reading →