Big push on solar in 2015

Who benefits from green solar or wind energy the most? Apart from the obvious that all of us depend on the future of green energy, to answer this question, it’s best to look at the whole picture. Traditional fuels such as gas and oil have made a number of counties a lot of money. Fossil fuels prove to be the most powerful, reliable, and least expensive, especially now when the cost of fuel has gone down exponentially.

Looking back, we see that historically it may take years to fully transition from older to more progressive fuels. As historians claim, it may take as many as fifty years to be able to completely transition to green energy. However, it really shows how big of a difference several years of sustainable energy growth makes. Experts claim that the switch to green energy is nearer than it had been projected, and 2015 may become known in history as the year of the beginning of the green energy revolution.

The developing countries are the ones that can benefit from sustainable energy the most. With global warming becoming one of the most burning issues worldwide, developing and underdeveloped counties are the ones that will be facing the most risk. These countries are projected to experience extreme and severely harmful weather conditions before the rest of the world.

Fortunately, solar power production has expanded significantly and the cost of solar cells is plunging thanks to the innovative technology that is powerful enough to provide thin-film production monitoring in real time. That will make it possible for developing countries to transition quicker.

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