Seven easy ways to go green

You can take your bike everywhere and to eat a vegan diet produced from garden grown foods. However, you’d take it with a pinch of salt and the world would be no way better because of it. So, here’s how you can take one step at a time and help the world when doing so.

Travel Mugs

Most of us buy a cup of coffee from one of the big chains each day. That’s around 260 cups a year and it’s also a lot of Styrofoam in the landfill. Buying a coffee mug will cut down on those landfill prone cups and ensure that you also save a lot of money on coffee over a year. And if you just don’t feel like a chai latte at home, you can ask them to make it in your cup in the shop – most chains offer you a few pence off for doing so.


The ATM receipt is such a hassle. Most of these are looked at for a brief second before they go in the bin, or worse on the ground. Just check it on screen and save on the paper. According to stats, Americans print out enough of these receipts annually to go around the world 15 times.


Watering plants is a waste of water, so why not just buy a big barrel to collect rain water. Place it beneath a leaking gutter for best effect and you could save 1500 gallons of water a year.

Water Heaters

We often complain about the cost of heating water. However, when you have a huge 100l water heater it’s going to take energy. A tank free central heating system eradicates the need to heat water and allows it to be on demand when you turn on the tap – you know it makes sense.

Buy a Tablet

If you work in an office, or have a job that depends a lot on paper, then purchase a tablet computer. The tablet computer can be bought now for under $100 and these devices are perfectly suitable for reading PDF versions of files – so, saving on printing out. It’s a great way to save paper and a great excuse to buy a new toy.

Your Home

There are so many things you can do with your home to encourage greener living. From planting trees for shade and lowering A/C use, to having a grass roof, that will insulate from heat and cold when necessary. Even solar power is such a viable option now. There’s so much we can do, if we just make the effort and think outside the box.

About the author: Cormac Reynolds has written a number of articles on going green. He is a strong believer in the need for a greener world and has made a number of strides himself in accordance with such an understanding and wishes he could work for World of Solar.

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