Green Energy

4 Common Green Energy Sources

Green energy is a term used to refer to a variety of renewable energy sources available today. Over the last thirty years a lot of research, aimed at discovering renewable energy sources that can ease the world’s over reliance on fossil fuels has been, conducted.

Green energy sources are naturally available, and do not have a negative impact on the environment. Fossil fuels on the other hand have to be extracted from the earth, through mining or other means, and refined, causing all sorts of pollution. Burning fossil fuels also pollutes the environment through the release of pollutant gases. Continue reading →

India increases solar power goals

India’s ministry of New and Renewable Energy has reported new goals regarding their solar program, known as National Solar Mission. The new modified program sets to increase solar power capacity to one hundred gigawatts by 2022. In the earlier version of the plan, the goal was set to twenty two gigawatts by 2022. The success of solar power’s rapid growth in the developed countries in Europe and the US has proven to be rather beneficial for developing countries such as India. The growth of the photovoltaic industry has made solar more accessible than ever. The modern tools are fast enough to deliver important production measurements, such as the thin-film deposition rate, and scientists have also made huge progress in innovative ideas on how to reduce the production cost and use simpler less expensive materials instead of traditional silicon. All these factors make India’s target to increase their solar potential in the future more feasible. Continue reading →

Tesla battery still too expensive for average home owner

The internet has exploded with news about a new home battery system that can store solar energy – the Tesla battery. It is something that an average homeowner dreams about, a compact battery that can save energy, make the time and effort from installing bulky solar panels pay off, and will allow to use solar power no matter the weather outside, sunshine or rain. Sunny states like California offer incentives for homeowners to go green, however, it’s still not enough as the Tesla battery is rather expensive (starting at three thousand dollars). The battery can potentially save homeowners two dollars a day. This means that the solar power system will pay its owner back in about three years. Even if the cost of the battery will eventually fall as some predict, very few traditional energy customers will be able to afford it. Continue reading →

The search for the cheapest gas

The search for affordable energy sources is never-ending. In the United States, natural gas prices have dropped significantly, inviting European countries to take advantage of the low pricing. Recently a German company announced its plans to expand significantly in the United States. Due to innovations in unlocking shale gas, the price of natural gas in the U. S. is only 25% of the cost in the European market. Price has a significant impact on energy-intensive industries and could drive more European investment to American companies.

The Source

Millions of years of accumulating fossil remains, both plant and animal, are buried deep in the earth. These remains create a mixture of carbon and hydrogen, resulting in natural gas. Drilling recovers the natural gas closest to the surface. In the United States, fracking technology is used to recover natural gas located deep in the earth. In order to determine the amount of natural gas reserves in the world, information taken from geological and engineering studies is used to determine the amount of gas that can be recovered from known reservoirs. This information is evaluated using current economic figures and present recovery technology. Continue reading →

Why dual fuel tariffs are better protected from price increases than other tariffs

As energy prices seem set to continue their upward trend, at least into the foreseeable future, many consumers in the UK are looking for ways to keep their energy costs down. One of the best and most popular options available to energy consumers is the dual fuel tariff. This tariff works in a unique number of ways that helps customers avoid the worst energy price increases. In this article, we will explain what dual fuel is, and why it can help consumers get the best deal on their energy bill compared with other types of tariffs, even in a highly fluctuating energy market. Continue reading →

Which type of heat should you use, gas or electric?

Heating is a basic necessity in any home, but not everyone agrees about which type of heat – gas or electric – is best. Although many experts assert that gas is usually cheaper to run (which is true), this isn’t the whole story. Homeowners have to consider many different factors before they make a final call. Continue reading →