The Green Deal Scheme — Making it greener on your side of the fence too

All of us want to contribute to a better tomorrow and it has become obvious that a better tomorrow is linked with a greener tomorrow. Up until now most of us have had to be content with recycling, not buying Styrofoam and providing our own grocery bags but get ready to take a big green step with the green deal. This is a government initiative that can bring about the energy-savings that we’ve all wished for without huge up-front costs regardless if we are a property-owner or renter.

Here’s how it works:

1. Contact a Green Deal Scheme authorized provider. They will have a logo identifying themselves as such or you can find a list of approved providers on the green deal website. Have your home assessed for all its green potential. Your property will be surveyed for what improvements can be made, how much energy you can expect to save and what it will cost to make those improvements.

2. Contracting for the work. Using an authorized provider a contract stating what work will be done and how much it will cost will be entered into. If the property is under an owner/renter situation both parties will have to agree to the work (this applies to social housing as well).

3. Payment and terms. Once the work is completed the cost of the improvements, along with interest charged, are paid in installments through the energy bill–that means no up-front money. And there’s no risk for the renter who wants to move on later or property owner who might want to sell later; as the bill stays with the property that was improved upon until it’s paid off.

Do you see your dreams for going green in a big way becoming reality? With The Green Deal Scheme a better, greener tomorrow on your side of the fence is in your hands.

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