Using renewable energy to power your office

We can learn a lot from some of the big corporations in the world, when it comes to being more eco-friendly. For instance a company such as Google is on a mission to power their entire company using only renewable energy. This is something we should all be striving for, not only to save ourselves a lot of money in the process but to also cut down on the amount of natural resources we use on a daily basis.

Our fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, are running out and the planet is suffering as a result of our inefficient energy usage so we should be doing all we can to make every aspect of our lives as energy efficient as possible. No more is this relevant than at the workplace. Millions of people go to work each day, using various methods of travel to get there, which obviously emits more carbon into the atmosphere.

When at work, people are often using heating and cooling systems inefficiently, not to mention all the inefficient use of work appliances and technical equipment, such as computers, printers and photocopiers. If every office in the world was committed to using renewable energy, it would do wonders for accelerating our capacity to develop better and more eco-friendly energy options and in doing so, help make our planet healthier.

Ask your energy supplier about‘Green Energy’. Green energy is power that has been produced via alternative ‘green’ methods. For instance many suppliers are sourcing green energy from their local area, such as from pig farms where manure is fed into an anaerobic digester and the resulting gas is burnt off in order to produce electricity. Tomato farms are also a good source of green energy where any waste is burnt to release biogas and generate electricity.

Alternative forms of green energy are often the ones we tend to hear about quite a lot in the press. For instance hydro, solar and wind power. Whilst many people have started using such methods to power their homes, many workplaces are yet to get fully involved. A lot of the time, especially where solar power is concerned, businesses are reluctant to invest the initial sum of money to pay for such green energy.

However, you do need to think about your long game when it comes to green energy, simply because having solar power will definitely enable you to save money on a yearly basis and the money you save means your initial investment will often be paid off within the first year or so. After paying off your initial investment, you are essentially getting free energy and who can argue with that?

What are the business benefits of using renewable energy?

1. Not only will using green energy be better for the environment, which can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but it will be better for your business, saving you a lot of money in the process.

2. Buying green energy will give more money to those working on new green technologies, which will ensure the technology improves and expands and is offered to us all on a grander scale.

3. Public opinion regarding your business will improve. You’d be surprised at the number of people who will now choose eco-friendly companies to do business with, above those still using up energy inefficiently. Using green energy is the right thing to do and your customers and clients will respect you more for it.

About the author: James writes for Jaga ventilation. When not writing, he can often be found looking high and low for new forms of renewable energy.

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