6 house plants that get rid of air pollution in your home

We all assume that the air we breathe in our homes is clean, but the truth of the matter is that indoor air can actually be just as polluted as that from the outside! Pollution inside our homes can cause negative effects on our health too. It can cause fatigue, cancer, headaches, fever, anxiety, respiratory problems and much more!

However, to help combat the pollution inside our homes, we can depend on plants! We all know that plants shelter us from the heat and sun and they help to control floods and such, but they also are good for absorbing carbon dioxide in our homes, therefore making the air in our homes cleaner – by releasing oxygen. Not everyone has a green thumb, but that’s ok! You only need to try a little harder to work on your air situation. Below are some plants that will help to get rid of some of the air pollution in your home.

Peace Lily
A peace lily is a flowering plant that has been known to purify the air. It is good for taking toxins from the air due to pesticides and other cleaning and chemical products in the home. It also is good for releasing some moisture into the air in your home while taking toxic components out of the air.

Lady Palm
The lady palm looks like a small tree and is simple to grow inside the home. It can be in dry or moist areas and it is resistant to insects. It does a fantastic job of taking ammonia and dyes out of the air as well as some other chemicals that are bad for the respiratory system.

Boston Fern
The Boston fern is an extremely pretty hanging basket plant that looks great in the home. It is really effective for purifying the air in the home and removing formaldehyde much faster than other plant is able to do.

Area Palm
You will see this plant in many homes as it is one of the best houseplants that will purify the air in the home. It is also called the Butterfly Palm or the Golden Cane Palm. It also is able to release a lot of moisture into the air and takes the toxins right out of the air.

English Ivy
If you have pets or children in the home, the English Ivy is a nice plant to have indoors. This is a vine that has heart shaped leaves and is a climbing vine. It takes in formaldehyde that is produced from the synthetic dyes found in your home and resins that can be very harmful to not only your pets, but humans!

The Chrysanthemum is a gorgeous flower that helps keep the air in the home fresh and clean. Not only that, it’s a great way to make your home more attractive. It filters things like smoke right out of the air, which is very helpful for people who cannot be around smoke. It is poisonous if ingested though, so you need to be careful to keep this away from pets and children.

There are several other plants that can take the pollution out of your home as well, so do a quick Google search before you make any final decisions. If you look into Feng Shui, you might even be able to double the benefits of a simple purchase! Don’t give up on that green thumb you don’t think you have. Take some time and learn how to grow some of these plants in your home for limitless health benefits!

About the author: Ashley Acres writes about green living and gardening.  She loves to spend time landscaping and working in her greenhouse.  She used www.homeequityloan.net to build the greenhouse she always dream of.

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