How to reduce your carbon footprint with alternative energy

It is becoming more and more obvious the damage being caused by fossil fuels. Over the long run, everyone needs to reduce their carbon footprint by using alternative energy solutions. Here are some tips that almost anyone can do to reduce their footprint.


There is a ton of free energy coming from the sun every day.  If harnessed with solar panels, it can run an entire household. It is very simple to get solar panels to put on your roof. Not only that, but there are a lot of companies that offer great financing terms. Furthermore governments even offer great tax breaks for doing so.  Call your energy company to find out if this is an option in your area.

Change Utilities

Utilities only create power from clean sources. This can be solar, wind farms or even hydroelectric dams. This is a great option for those who live in apartments or condos where they cannot install their own alternative energy sources. Most regular utilities burn coal for energy, which has negative consequences on the environment.

Heat with Fireplace

Burning wood is carbon neutral and thus much easier on the planet. This is a great way to heat a house in a cold region. Since wood is renewable and new trees are good for the environment, this is a great, natural, sustainable way.


This is a very fun way to reduce your footprint. Many hobbyists and regular people are converting their cars and tractors to run on biodiesel. This is great because you literally can go to a restaurant and pick up fuel. Since it would otherwise be wasted most restaurants will gladly give their old grease away. This runs much cleaner than most fuels and can be money saving.

Human Power

Not exactly alternative energy, but using human power is a great way to cut your carbon footprint. A great idea would be if you were going less than 1 mile, to go by foot. You can go even further, and any trip under 5 miles could be on bike. This will cut out energy use right away.

It is actually not difficult to cut your carbon footprint if you just take a few minutes to make your own plan. Depending on your area not every way is viable, but certainly anyone can tailor their plan. Once done, the habits will stay in place without even thinking about it. Another great benefit is using alternative energy is the cost to your wallet.

John Richards is an engineer.  He enjoys writing and informing the public on how to go green on a budget.  He helps businesses inform business on how to be eco-friendly on

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