Alternative energy sources: How can we use them?

Restoration of natural resources, specifically, is the key to energy conservation. Our planet is showing all the symptoms of an ailing and dying planet that need prompt corrective measures to bring it back to life. Energy crisis is a consistent problem, which needs immediate attention before it’s too late. Finding a workable solution to energy situation along with conservation of natural resources can help to a great deal.

Some of the innovative ways that can help us restore the health of the mother Earth and help find a solution to the energy crisis are discussed below.

  1. Use of traditional non-renewable natural sources of energy such as oil and coal should be minimized. Currently, only 18% of the total energy is provided by renewable sources of energy. Many independent congregates are of the opinion that almost 100% energy requirement must be met with renewable sources of energy in order to restore the falling health of the natural resources. Though it might sound unrealistic but it is possible to build a world where we rely less on conventional sources of energy such as coal and nuclear power and more on solar, wind and water generated energy. Some scientific groups belonging to some countries have claimed to have achieved 100% dependency on renewable energy resources by their nation.
  2. Emission level of toxic fumes can be kept low attaining, almost zero emission. Renewable energy resources have the tremendous advantage over non-renewable energy resources; they do not emit any toxic fume as seen in case of oil and coal. Emission of toxic and harmful fumes such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants can be kept low with establishment of solar energy panels and wind turbines to generate electricity. This can eliminate much of the pollutant from the environment letting us breathe fresh air and reduce global warming as well.
  3.  Energy production with the help of renewable resources produces little or no waste material. On the other hand, energy generation by using biomass solves the problem of waste disposal to a large extent. This method can clear a lot of environmental pollutant successfully converting it into energy source.
  4. Fossil fuel are going to last forever, if we continue to use them mindlessly we are certainly going to pay a heavy price for it. We can add that we have already done considerable damage to our environment, any corrective measure that promises least dependency on fossil fuel can help us create a better world. Accidental oil spills killing thousands of marine animals and plants, land stripped of its natural resources can be easily avoided.

We can do a little service to our environment by adapting new methods that cuts down energy requirement and remove wasteful energy consumption. While the world still works on the creating infrastructure, which supports renewable energy generation and its practical implementation we can cut down our dependency on fossil fuel so that less pressure is put on the environment.

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