5 Alternative Uses For Shredded Paper That Saves You Throwing It Away

Even though email is taking over the world there’s still lots of things get delivered to us by post. If you’re like most people you probably let everything build up until you don’t know what to do with it anymore. You will eventually shred it knowing that there’s some things you don’t want anyone to see. At least I hope you do that. All you need is someone to steal your identity and you have a much bigger type of problem than a pile of mail.

But shredding all that paper takes work and you are left with a big pile at the end of it. I pile you don’t want lying around. The simple thing would be to throw it in the rubbish, but you aren’t exactly helping the environment. If you have a little green in you then you might recycle it. That’s crazy. Why recycle it when you can do so much more with it? There’s lots of uses for shredded paper, so you might as well take advantage of it while you have it. If you’re clueless as to what you could use it for we can look at a few things now.

Use it for sending parcels

Sometimes you will need to mail something you don’t want broken. It might be valuable and you don’t trust the postal service enough. We’ve all been there at some point. It you fill a box with shredded paper it makes it a lot less risky and you can sleep easy knowing the person receiving it won’t find it in a million pieces. This is especially useful if you sell a lot of stuff online, because you can’t afford to spend lots on delivery costs. It always helps to have some shredded paper lying around.

It’s great for pet bedding

If you have any small rodents you can use the shredded paper for their bedding. It will saving you having to buy some from the pet store every week when you clean out their cage. You can also use it for larger animals, though they probably don’t want to sleep on paper. If you buy some cloth you can sew it into a bag and stuff it full of the shredded paper. It makes a very comfortable bed for a dog or cat and costs you next to nothing.

They make a nice gift

You’re probably wondering how shredded paper can make a nice gift, right? Well it’s not the paper, but what you do with it. When someone’s birthday is coming up you can buy a nice woven basket and fill it with some nice treats. You can’t just throw the treats in the bottom of the basket. It won’t look nice, but instead you can fill the basket with shredded paper and lay the gifts on top of it.

Let the kids have fun

If you think back to when you were a child you’ll remember how you used to play with everything. Kids still love to play with everything they can get their hands on. The first useless item has to be the cardboard box. You could give a young child an empty cardboard box and they would have fun for hours. The next thing on the list in shredded paper. You could combine an empty cardboard box and some shredded paper to give them the best toy they’ve had in years. Just let them loose somewhere they won’t make a mess.

Use it for your garden

Gardeners will sometimes add shredded paper to their compost heaps. Paper will decompose naturally, so you don’t need to worry about the environment. Just don’t use too much, otherwise you will have a big pile of paper instead of compost you can use in your garden. If you don’t do any gardening yourself you can always ask your neighbors if they want to take it off your hands.

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