Green energy on a budget

Do you find green energy systems too expensive? If you cannot afford to invest in a green energy system, you should look into reducing your energy consumption so you can power your home with a smaller system. Upgrade your appliances with energy-efficient ones and replace your light bulbs too. You could even replace your light bulbs with solar tubes to use natural sunlight instead of electricity. Do your best to shut off the appliances you do not need and turn the lights off when you exit a room. Improving the insulation of your meeting planning company by adding an additional layer or replacing your current insulation should also help you save a lot on heating. Get a power monitor to keep track of how much power you use in every room of your house.   
If you cannot afford a full-scale green energy system, get a small one that will cover only a part of your energy needs. You could, for instance, get a small wind turbine, install it on your lawn and produce enough power to run some of your appliances. Solar-powered battery chargers, outside lights and water heaters are very popular options but keep in mind that you can easily put together a personalized small green energy system by getting a small wind turbine, a couple of solar panels or a small water mill and having a professional connect these to some of your appliances or to the main power grid.

Finding a good financing option should help you afford any type of green energy system. First of all, you should know that using green energy makes you available for tax incentives: this means you can count on a higher tax return if you have a green energy system or if you purchase green energy from your energy provider. There are also a lot of different programs you can join to finance your green energy system. Energy providers will buy the power you produce at a very interesting rate and either give you money for it or let you draw an equivalent amount of power from the main grid. You can choose to finance your green energy system quickly and even make a profit by selling all the power you produce or choose to sell only a part of the electricity generated and use the rest. If you join one of these programs, you should be able to finance a full-scale energy system in ten to fifteen years without making payments any higher than what your energy bills would cost you.

The green product that helps you save the most money is probably the electric or hybrid car. Gas prices keep getting higher and getting an electric or hybrid car means you will only have to spend a few cents to drive as far as a full tank of gas would allow you to. And in some areas, energy providers even help you finance your own charging station to charge your car on your property at night and get an interesting rate on the electricity you use for your car. And if you think getting an electric car will not allow you to take trips out of town, get a hybrid vehicle so you can use gas when you need to.

Do more research about these different options and talk to professionals to get a better idea of how much money you could save thanks to green energy. Wait a few years for better products to appear on the market if you do not want to invest in green energies now.

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