Re-using Plastic Bags To Help The Environment

As responsible citizens it is our duty to save and protect the environment around us. A small contribution from each and every individual will help protect and make mother earth a healthy place for future generations. The importance of environment awareness has begun and has gained prominence in schools, in universities and in various organizations worldwide. More and more people are being made aware about the importance of clean and healthy environment. One of the major contributors towards the environment is plastic wastes and its impact.

Nowadays a lot of plastic bag manufacturers are made aware of their contribution to the environment by making them produce more and more eco-friendly products worldwide. Every business groups are trying their best by producing environment friendly products and keeping their operations “green”. They achieve this objective by manufacturing biodegradable plastic bags or paper bags by replacing the regular plastic bags.

Plastic bag wastes account for at least 200 tons worldwide of which only a very small size is recyclable. Many customers just unpack their purchase bags made from such plastics and do not reuse them. So how do you decrease the quantity of plastic waste being dumped into the waste bins? Retailers can actually replace the regular plastic bags with biodegradable bags and help reduce waste in the environment.

A large number of companies are making their best efforts by using reusable plastic mailing bags which can be reused for packing. These plastic pouches or bags can be used to store crucial documents. These bags are so popular that a lot of courier companies prefer to use such types of reusable and eco-friendly plastic bags for sending couriers. The material used in making these bags are very durable and can be easily reused at least two to three times before getting spoilt.

So what is Plastic?
Plastic is a type of synthetic material which takes a lot of time at least a decade to decompose. If not recycled plastic remains fresh in the environment without decomposing for years together in landfills. Biodegradable plastics are made from synthetic materials with a unique combination of chemical compositions allowing the product to decompose naturally. Biodegradable plastics come in two forms one of them is petroleum based and the other is bioplastic. Petroleum based plastics are made from components which help in increasing the decomposition process, while bioplastics are made out of raw materials which are known to us like corn starch or pea starch. Both types of plastic are biodegradable and environment friendly but most retailers prefer to use bioplastic bags.

A number of vendors are selling recyclable plastic products which can be purchased from their online stores. The most important point to consider before purchasing is to check the credibility of the supplier. Some factors you need to consider before buying products are:

Quality of the item: Always buy products from a reputed manufacturer and who has experience in the field of manufacturing biodegradable plastic bags. You may find many of these firms online. Once you zero in on the company make sure to ask for few free sample bags. Ask them to send you some used plastic mailing bags. You can know about the business by checking about it online, by going thru the customer testimonials as it will clear a lot of doubts and help you determine the quality of the supplier and services.

Costs: It is a known fact that bags made from biodegradable materials are a bit costly as compared to paper and regular plastic bags. Compare prices of the product from different manufacturers to get an ideal quote for your product.

Design and materials used in the bag: A shops plastic bag plays a very important role in developing the brand it represents. This makes it very more crucial for manufacturers to design a bag that represents the brand completely. Check for the type, quality of ink and materials used in printing on the bag. Some manufacturers use limited colour options in printing, so it is ideal to check if they can print your design properly on the bags before you place any orders.

Reuse plastic bags and contribute towards the environment and making our earth a healthy place for the next generation.

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