Five ways to make your home more energy efficient

Making your home more energy efficient is extremely important, not only does it make a huge difference to the environment we live in, but it will also make a huge difference to your bills each month! There are no reasons to why you shouldn’t be trying to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible!


Everything in your home now you can practically recycle now! If you are going to throw something in the bin, you should be asking yourself the question ‘is there any possible way I can recycle this?’ Whether it is food waste, plastics, papers, or even old clothes, you are able to recycle it. Your local council should have already provided you with a variety of different recycling bins, if they haven’t then you should phone your local council and ask them to provide them for you. Recycling does make a huge difference to the environment we live as it prevents unnecessary waste going to landfill.


At any possible chance you should be switching off electrical devices by the plug if they are not in use. Even throughout the day if you are not using a television set, game console, computer, laptop or even kitchen appliances you should turn them off by the plug and remove the plug. This will make a huge difference to your electricity bill each month as well! You should also be turning the light switch off when no one is in a room, and maybe even consider not using your lights during the evening and instead using candle light. This will reduce your carbon footprint and will also create a nicer atmosphere.


You should consider investing in solar panels for your home, even though you have the first initial cost which can sometimes be quite expensive you will save huge amounts in the future as your energy bills will be cut by a considerable amount.  If you are interesting in investing into your home then you should go to an environmental consultancy who will advise you on what to do next.

Repair and Maintain

Before the winter really starts, you should be getting your heating system and boiler serviced. You should already be getting your heating system and boiler serviced on a regular basis. During the service, they will pick up any faults in the system. If there is a fault in the system then it will require more energy to function effectively, which will increase energy bills.

Energy Monitor

You can install an energy monitor in to your home which monitors all the energy which is used, from boiling the kettle to having a shower. Having an energy monitor will allow you to see how much your energy usage is costing you which will allow you to be able to cut down on what you don’t really need.

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